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Controlling The Temperature - Inside Equipment Enclosures White Paper - Middle Atlantic

Maintaining the temperature inside enclosures is critical to the proper functioning and survival of the components operating within them. The best way to control this temperature is to take a systems (integrated) approach to thermal management.
Thermal design of equipment racks and enclosures is essential to ensuring the functionality of the equipment and system when subjected to the surrounding environment. Read More

Improving Aesthetics and Increasing Longevity with Outdoor Rated Mounts - Chief

Display use in outdoor environments is a rapidly growing segment of the market, whether for outdoor digital signage or outdoor hospitality and living spaces. Specialized displays that can withstand sun, rain and snow are increasingly common, as is the use of traditional displays in semi-enclosed outdoor environments where direct exposure to the elements isn’t a problem.
However, the mount is often an afterthought in these applications, and this can be a mistake both for aesthetics and longevity of the installation.
Read More

Next-Generation Video Walls - LCD Video Wall Technology - Planar

Welcome to the new world of digital video displays. Now wherever we go, high-impact video walls and display technology are everywhere: airports and transportation hubs, museums, retail stores, malls, corporate lobbies, restaurants, schools and universities, office collaboration spaces and more.
What’s driving this proliferation of display technology in public spaces as well as work environments and entertainment venues? It’s a combination of better AV equipment performance, smaller footprints, and lower prices. Read More

RTMP vs. SRT: Comparing Latency and Maximum Bandwidth - Havision

The Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) is a mature, well established streaming protocol with a reputation for reliability thanks to its TCP-based packet-retransmit capabilities and adjustable buffers.
Secure Reliable Transport protocol (SRT) is an open source protocol pioneered by Haivision which leverages an intelligent packet retransmit mechanism on top of a UDP data flow, along with AES256 encryption. In this white paper, we will examine how SRT performs compared to RTMP over public networks. We’ll explore how much buffer is required, what latency looks like and whether there is a limit on the amount of bandwidth you can use. We’ll also answer the question of how far a video stream can travel across the globe before it fails. Read More

OmniStream: Truly Converged, Networked AV - Atlona

Networked AV solutions have been available for over a decade, but industry adoption is still evolving. This is due to several inherent challenges relating to cost, security, the need to conform to IT-specific requirements, and the fact that many AV-over-IP technologies are not capable of fully replacing traditional video distribution. OmniStream™ is a new technology platform from Atlona that specifically addresses these and other challenges, while delivering immediate and long-term ROI to enterprise end users of AV systems.
The Case for AV Over IP
In the commercial AV industry, there is a general consensus that video and audio signal distribution will eventually migrate from circuit-based AV switching to packet-based data networks. There are four primary factors driving this transition... Read More

Velocity Innovative AV Control - Atlona

AV integrators and technology managers face a reality with traditional AV control systems: they are costly and time-consuming to install, program, and maintain. The Atlona Velocity Control System brings a whole new approach to AV control, making it faster, easier, and more cost-effective than ever to specify and integrate a commercial AV control system.
At the heart of Velocity is an innovative, IP-based system architecture that enables unprecedented reliability and scalability, plus remote management and monitoring from the cloud. Read More