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IP SM-1 C40M IP Speaker Module

VOIP | SIP | POE | IP | Networks
Support PoE+ and/or connect to 24VDC power adapter

The IPSM-1C40/IPSM-1C40M is designed to embed in TERRACOM's full range IP speakers. To fulfill hands-free intercom and monitoring, the IPSM-1C40M is equipped with a microphone interface. The IPSM modules is equipped with 1 channel 40W Class-D amp board into the 4 ohm loudspeaker with PoE+ power (and/or 24VDC power supply if POE+ is not available).

PPM-IT5 - IP-Based Paging Console

Programmable IP Paging Console with Colour Touch Screen & Gooseneck Microphone

The PPM-IT5 console comes with a 5" TFT touch screen interface which allows for intercom with the entire TERRACOM range, as well as call-paging, messages broadcasting and DSP matrix parameter control. Its back-lit touch screen is designed for simple and user-friendly operation.

TerraManager integrated GUI control software and TerraServer management software, the TERRACOM family of products will have the solutions you require.

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