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Live Streaming

Houses of Worship, Venues & Clubs


To connect isolated community groups via technically complete solutions that leverage the Internet through streaming from live locations with ease and efficiency. Whether streaming from a single location to a single site – or to many sites such as mobile devices or social media platforms, these solutions provide the ability to gain insight into video performance and audience engagement.


  • To provide a flexible, cost effective solution for streaming to a single site using via the Internet.
  • To provide a robust and feature-rich solution for streaming not just to a single end point but to multiple sites including online platforms such as social media platforms and mobile devices.
  • Supply a turn-key solution with everything required, right out of the box.
  • Accommodate source devices - for today and tomorrow – through connectivity choices.
  • Deliver professional-grade results by the selection of the right products with a low deployment costs.
  • Deliver flexibility to distribute video and audio on premises or to a wider area
  • To provide access to powerful video and audience analytic tools.
  • Capability of single or bi-directional streaming.

Use Cases

Use Case 1: Simple Streaming

Using a Vaddio AV Bridge 2x1, dual HDMI inputs are available for cameras or document readers, along with analogue or Dante digital audio to be easily and conveniently streamed either locally or out to the internet (using RTMP) incorporating useful picture-in-picture (PIP) capability.

Concurrent 1080p USB 3.0, HDMI, and IP streaming also allows for flexible video distribution.

Use the AV Bridge 2x1 to simultaneously record to a local PC, to magnify the captured video through a local, in room projector, whilst streaming the service or event to popular online platforms.

Up to 2 PTZ or fixed cameras can be used or a single camera and an additional HDMI source such as a PC to display 3rd party content or overlay text and multimedia elements.

Local outputs for both Video and Audio allow for capture and or local immediate use.

Enhancements such as AI auto tracking camera, physical integration via GPI triggers for Step Matt or proximity sensing can be easily combined.

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Use Case 2: Multi-site Streaming

Multi-site streaming relies on having good, reliable networking connections between all end points. Very few have dedicated network connections to our users. To eliminate this requirement Haivision developed and pioneered the SRT video transport protocol.
SRT stands for Secure Reliable Transportation and it is now an open source protocol and technology stack that optimises video streaming performance across unpredictable networks. Ensuring secure streams and simplified firewall traversal, SRT delivers the best quality video over the worst networks.

With Haivision’s SRT technology, users can stream live, open meetings from any location using standard public Internet.

Haivision’s KB Internet streaming cloud transcoder, the Haivision Video Cloud and Scheduler tool, allows users to easily schedule video streams of live events, automatically publish online, and create simulated-live broadcast channel experiences to play out at specific times throughout the day or continuously 24/7.

  • Multi One message from the main location to unify/share across locations
  • Time-slip Broadcasting to coordinate messages from one location to other locations
  • Building Culture: Connect venues and communities with low latency live video and record those actions for later review and assessment.


As your requirements expand to multiple sites, bring them together with live and DVR time-delayed multi-site video distribution and ensure the message of your main site is seamlessly shared with all locations, anywhere globally. The Haivision Connect DVR solution saves you time and reduces the costs and complexity of your workflow by using low-cost internet connections to distribute your messages to multiple locations, without sacrificing quality.


The Haivision Video Cloud allows Houses of Worship, venues and clubs to live stream services and events online and automate the publishing of video assets to online platforms including websites, social media platforms, and mobile and TV apps simultaneously, giving more time to focus on content creation. Get to know your online audience with powerful analytics tools. With insight into your video performance and audience engagement, you can see what is resonating with your audiences.

  • DVR Control – Browser based
  • Display Engine – Mobile Phone, Set top Box, IP Decoder or Smart TV
  • Frame Synchroniser – such as AJA FS2

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