17th August 2022 BrightSign has officially announced the XD5 product line overnight. Your Customers will be able to see this XD5 series on the BrightSign website now.

Per the Product Availability Table below, this may require some explanation regarding availability on future product orders of the current lineup. Please read the attached and use the FAQ as a guide.

Key points to note:

  • HD4/LS4 supply continues to be strong.
  • XD4/XT244 will be transitioned to XD5. This transition is occurring now. Please place your orders for the XD4/XT244 models as soon as possible for Jan 2023 delivery. XD5 has enhanced HTML performance than that of the XD4/XT4.
  • XC5 is a multi-HDMI out player with true 8K capability.
  • XT1144 will have a fixed number in production. Please place your orders the sooner, the better.

BrightSign has advised the cut-off date for any new XD4 and XT244 orders as being this week. If you need extra XD4 and XT244, please place your order now.

Please note there is a finite supply of XT1144. If this model is required please place your order as soon as possible. Contact our friendly sales tea on 1300 666 099 or sales@midwich.com.au for more information.

BrightSign Product Availability