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DTEN ME Zoom for Home 27'' All in 1 Interactive desktop appliance

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SKU: DBA0027

Mnf Part #: DBA0027EC


Combining the technology in the DTEN ME with loom's enterprise-quality software delivers the ideal solution for the home office. Simply login with your Zoom user account and create an instant office experience without any additional licenses.

This solution integrates Zoom Meetings, phone calling, whiteboarding and annotation in a 27 multi-touch display built for the desktop. It is designed to keep your work­space clutter free and organized to deliver a professional meeting experience. At 27 it is ideally sized to fit neatly on your desk. It provides a display size made to see and hear meeting participants and view content clearly. It is sleek, streamlined, ultra thin and lightweight. The device can be used as a second monitor.

The multi-touch hyper responsive display keeps up with the speed of your ideas as multiple participants can write and annotate at the same time. The drawing tools take your hand drawings and auto-corrects your shapes for clarity as you write on the whiteboard. Use night mode as needed and save your whiteboard slides to send to teammates after the meeting.


  • Start ad-hoc or scheduled meetings, make and receive phone calls, and collaborate virtually with content sharing and annotation
  • Sync your calendar, status, meeting settings, and phone for an integrated video meeting experience Manage your device remotely through the Zoom admin portal
  • 27 multi-touch display
  • Three smart HD cameras built in for life-like video with ultra-wide 160 degree coverage
  • 8 microphone array and proprietary DSP processing delivers crystal clear audio
  • The HDMI in port lets you connect your laptop or computer, making your DTEN ME your second monitor Connect wirelessly or via ethernet for a more secure connection

Additional Information

Brand DTEN
Supplier Name DTEN Inc.
Collection Collaboration & Conferencing Tech.
Product Type All-in-One Video Conferencing
Supplier Code DBA0027EC