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BIAMP 6 gooseneck supercardioid condenser ceiling mic

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The CM1-6W and CM1-6WS hanging ceiling microphones provide a unique combination of coverage patterns, quality audio, pleasing aesthetics, and significant noise cancelling abilities when paired with the appropriate DSP algorithms.

Typically, audio quality is best when the talker is close to the mic, and the mic is further from the speaker, but it's not always possible to install mics on a table. Whether it's a matter of budget, logistics, or aesthetic preferences, ceiling mics are a viable solution for high quality audio pickup.

Manufactured by Audix, the CM1-6W and CM1-6WS are 6-inch miniaturized, gooseneck condenser microphones with fully integrated preamps designed with very high sensitivity for distance pickup. They are available with a cardioid or supercardioid capsule. Applications for these specific microphones include:

  • Video and teleconferencing
  • Distance learning
  • Surveillance
  • Medical procedures
  • Ambient room pickup

Where ceiling microphones were once viewed as a challenge to integrators, their quality and capabilities have improved, as have those of DSP algorithms, to effectively eliminate ceiling and HVAC noises as impediments to quality audio. Automatic gain control (AGC), ambient noise compensation (ANC), Biamp SpeechSenseâ„¢ and acoustic echo cancellation (AEC) technology are examples of these evolutionary algorithms. Depending on the environment and combination of audio algorithms used, Biamp DSPs have the potential to exponentially enhance ceiling mic performance.

Audio systems should be flexible enough to accommodate multi-purpose spaces, room combining, and comply with the aesthetic requirements of the end user. In addition to providing solutions to those customer challenges, the CM1-6W and CM1-6WS ceiling microphones enable our integrator partners to purchase DSPs and microphones from a single vendor–allowing for a more complete audio solution from Biamp Systems.

  • High output for distance miking
  • Optimized for voice recognition
  • Immunity from RF interference
  • Operates on 18-52 volts phantom power
  • Point and shoot directivity
  • Miniaturized integrated preamp circuitry
  • No external power adapter needed
  • 12 mm gold vapor diaphragm
  • Extremely low noise, high sensitivity
  • Available with a cardioid or supercardioid capsule
  • Optional junction box available
  • Covered by three-year warranty


  • Video Conferences
  • Distance Learning
  • Surveillance
  • Hospital and Medical Procedures
  • Ambient room miking

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