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The Challenge:

To provide an outdoor digital signage solution capable of withstanding the elements while delivering legible digital signage content even in the brightest and harshest of environments.

Our Solution:

LG’s outdoor digital signage range provides an incredible 3,000 nit brightness in a 55” full HD resolution format to provide eye catching content, even in direct sunlight. LG’s Conformal Coating provides additional protection to circuit boards from dust and humidity for an added peace of mind. CHIEF Outdoor rated mounts are designed to withstand the long-term effects of sun, rain, ocean air and humidity to maintain a safe installation while retaining the intended aesthetics. CHIEF have gone a step further with the 6 and 8-foot columns being designed to flex under extreme wind loads. By engineering the system to avoid catastrophic failure, the system mitigates potential damage to facilities.




55”, super high brightness (3,000nit) LED enclosure outdoor signage providing full HD (1,920x1,080) resolution in even the most demanding environments. IPS panel technology allows the content to be seen from wider viewing angles with less variation in colour. Covered by a 3-year 24/7 commercial warranty.


Outdoor ceiling or pedestal mount built to withstand rain, humidity & ocean air, sun exposure & high winds. Included wind deflector provides an additional layer of protection to accessories not designed for wind exposure.

ODAC Series Columns

Columns built to withstand the elements. Available in sizes ranging from 609-914mm (ODAC0203B) to 2,134-2,438mm (ODAC0708B) with 12” of adjustment ranges at 1” increments. 


Outdoor Concrete Ceiling Plate designed to withstand the elements sporting a 181.4kg weight capacity.


An aesthetic cover for the ODA series outdoor ceiling and pedestal plates built to withstand rain, humidity & ocean air, sun exposure & high winds.

Exact products and models are subject to change and may no longer be available