Thursday 23rd August 2018, SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: Midwich ANZ is delighted to announce the addition of Ecler Audio to its vendor portfolio, assuming distribution of all Ecler products in Australia and New Zealand on Thursday, August 23rd 2018.

Founded in 1965, Ecler Audio boasts a wealth of industry experience and prides itself on providing flexible and integratable audio solutions that are developed with an ear to customer’s needs.

The impressively diverse range of professional products in the Ecler Audio catalogue provide everything in the audio signal chain from sound sources through to loudspeakers, with a choice of analogue or digital electronics in between. Contemporary technologies such as Dante, Bluetooth and end-user remote control via Android and iOS are incorporated. Ecler’s extensive product families service an array of vertical markets such as corporate, hospitality, education, commercial, leisure, and house of worship.

“Ecler Audio is a very logical fit for Midwich Australia and New Zealand,” comments Michael Broadbent, Managing Director of Midwich ANZ. “The extensive portfolio of audio products cater to the same vertical markets our Integration Partners work in. Not only does Ecler have a long and respected history, it clearly has its sights set on the future as well. Our customers would expect nothing less.”

“Our partnership with Midwich is ideal because it exposes the Ecler brand to a number of markets in both Australian and New Zealand territories,” says Alex Schloesser, Business Development Manager – Asia Pacific, Ecler Audio. “Ecler’s range of pro audio solutions complement Midwich’s current offerings. I have enjoyed getting to know Midwich and look forward to working with the excellent teams in both countries to take Ecler to the next stage.”